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Corvette Gallery

The Gallery below was from a shoot I had out at Jean Dry Lake Bed just outside Las Vegas.  We rented a new Vette and had a great shoot with a Model I met via my Nsane Photography website.  The Vette got pretty trashed since we got lost trying to find our way off the lake bed. Be sure to click on the gallery to enlarge it, you can control the slide show or let it run on it's own. I also included some videos I got from You Tube, the bottom is is a Vette vs an F-18 Fighter, it's a bit long at 19 minutes but it is pretty cool so if you have the time check it out. The gallery below the desert shoot is from the Nsane Garage Glam 4 shoot with Nsane Babe Karla who can also be seen in the Challenger gallery and also the Tires and Rims gallery, and the gallery below that is the latest one I shot with Nsane Model Krystal and a cool black Vette belonging to her Dad!
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