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Hooters 2011/12/13 Gallery

Here are the shots I took at the 2011 Hooters Car Show in Florence Kentucky. The weather was perfect so there was a nice turn out. If you want to see more shots of the Hooter Girls I took at this show go over to our sister site Nsane Hooters located at to check those out. Be sure to click on the gallery itself to enlarge it and you can also control the speed of the slide show with the controls at the bottom. Be sure to tell everyone you know about the Nsane family of websites...
The images below are from the 2012 Hooters Car Show that took place at the same location as the shots above. I decided to add these to the 2011 page since I didn't get as many shots as normal. I got to the show later than I wanted and they decided to end it early due to the extreme heat the area had been experiencing that week, heat index was about 110 that day. I will be sure to create a new page for 2013 if the world doesn't end before then.
Below are the pictures from the 2013 Florence Hooters Car Show that took place July 14th 2013. 32 years earlier on that same day I was starting my Army career and headed down to Basic Training, I remember that like it happened yesterday. But anyway check out the shots we took here along with the pretty Hooter Hooter Girls who were out there in full force and I know you will see something you like. If you like Hooter Girls be sure to check out our site dedicated to Hooter Girls from all over this country and a few others.
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