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62 Impala

The classic automobile featured in this shoot is a 1962 Chevrolet Impala. The Impala burst onto the automobile scene back in 1958 the same year the U.S. airline industry entered the jet age! This full-size Chevy was the most expensive model made by the company and quickly became the best selling automobile in the United States. The Impala was redesigned several times over the years to keep up with the changing trends and was even produced in a high performance version, the Impala SS, in the early 60's to compete with other Muscle Cars of that time. I met the Owner of this Impala at a car show in Columbus and set up a shoot with the sexy girls of Fa'Tale. Click on the gallery link above or below to check out the pics and be sure to tell everyone you know about our amazing website!

Impala Gallery

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