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68 Dodge Dart

That fine piece of machinery you see pictured here is a 1968 Dodge Dart Convertible that happens to have a 440 cubic inch motor that easily kicks out 450 horsepower. As you can see it is in pristine condition and once again Don Jones of American Muscle Street Rods & Classics provided this Dart for us to shoot with at his garage in Loveland Ohio. Dodge produced the original Dart from 1960 to 1972 and a little longer in other markets like Brazil and Mexico. It started as a full-size car, then went to mid-size in 1962 and finally compact in 1963. The Dodge Dart became one of the most successful American compact cars of all time and had a reputation as a sturdy, reliable car which gained it a loyal following. After discontinuing it's Neon, Dodge decided to bring back the Dart for the 2013 model year. Based on a Fiat platform the new Dodge Dart is being built at the Toledo and Belvidere plants and should be available in June 2012. The 68 Dart we used for this shoot was definitely a head turner so make sure you click on the gallery entrance links above or below to check it out and the next time you find yourself looking to buy a classic American automobile, check out American Muscle Street Rods & Classics in Loveland Ohio.

Dodge Dart Gallery
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