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72 Olds Cutlass

Oldsmobile introduced the Cutlass in 1961 as a compact in it's F-85 line but by the mid 70's it was one of it's most popular models and was even produced as several different models simultaneously to include a station wagon version.  The Cutlass holds a special place in my heart since I had my formal drivers training in one, but keyword being formal, I actually started driving illegally a couple years prior so by the time I got to the Cutlass I already had bad habits.  Oldsmobile entered the Cutlass  into the Muscle Car arena with it's 442 version that came out in 1973.  Delayed a year due to an Autoworkers strike, the 442 was designed to rival the Pontiac Tempest GTO. Many speculated what the numbers stood for  but in reality 442 represented four-barrel carburetor, four-speed manual transmission, and two exhausts and had nothing to do with it's engine displacement as many have thought.  The 442 was offered in many variations through the years with several engine options but was eventually phased out as was the entire Oldsmobile line in 2004.  The 1972 Cutlass used in this shoot with Nsane Models Misa and Ava Sage was in excellent condition and would've made Oldsmobile founder Ransom Olds proud.  Click the gallery links below or above to check out all the pics and videos from this sexy shoot.

72 Cutlass Gallery
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