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Welcome to the Bike section of Hot Cars and Hot Girls. We decided to add this section since we were getting so many pictures of sexy babes on hot bikes, and even though this site is dedicated to hot cars and hot girls, we didn't think anyone would mind if we threw in a Suzuki or two to the mix. I have to admit that I only thought babes rode on the back of Harley's, I stand corrected! Not only do I have babes posing with Suzuki's but check out my Harley page also. Feel free to check out the motorcycle pages by clicking on the link below, To see more of these shots with the Tilted Kilt girls, go to the Tilted Kilt page by clicking the Kilt link above. Better yet go check out your local Tilted Kilt Eatery!

Suzuki Gallery entry

Harley Page

T-Rex Page

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