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Busted Knuckle Car Club

If you like classic American muscle cars and hot sexy Asian girls then you will love this page. Welcome to the Busted Knuckle Car Club page on The Hot Cars and Hot Girls site. Busted Knuckle has been a Columbus Ohio based car club since 2003 and they welcome all makes and models. Speaking of Models, the sexy babes you see here are from the modeling group Fa'Tale and trust me when I tell you this, you will be seeing plenty of them on this site and our sister site, Nsane Photography! Not only are they smoking hot but that were a lot of fun to work with and very professional. It was about 156 degrees the day we shot these pictures in downtown Columbus and that was without the heat coming from these hotties! You will want to see the galleries for this shoot that follows by clicking the entrance link below and be sure to look for the guys from Busted Knuckle at any local central Ohio Car Shows.

Busted Knuckle Gallery

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