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When you think of American luxury cars you automatically think Cadillac.  Of course a few geeks will throw Lincolns into the conversation but 9.8 times out of ten Cadillac is usually the top end of measure when to comes to fine automobiles.  Cadillacs started production in 1902 making it the second oldest American automotive manufacturer.  Six years later Cadillac was purchased by GM and quickly established itself as America's premier luxury car.  Cadillac lead the way with technological inovation and set the American standard for the American automotive industry with the development of the V8 engine.  After going through bad times in the late 1970's and 1980's Cadillac reinvented itself with new models that were more efficient and could compete with European and Japanese auto makers.  For those who want luxury and also the ability to go fast then the CTS-V is what you want.  This Super Caddy has a supercharged OHV 6.2 liter engine that produces 556 hp, more than any other regularly produced sedan in the world at this time.  If you want to look cool then check out the 1962 Cadillac we used for the Garage Glam Shoot Nsane Photography hosted in Covington KY at the Quality New and Used Tires.  It has a few upgrades since it came off the line and it sure looks good next to Nsane Babe Kayla.  Be sure to click the Gallery link to the left or above to check out the Cadillac Gallery.

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