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Camaro ZL1

Everyone and their brother has seen or heard of the Chevy Camaro. This pony car debuted in 1966 for the 67 model year and was offered in several packages. It's main competition was to be the Ford Mustang so Chevy made sure there were plenty of options for upgrades available. When Product Managers were asked back then; "What is a Camaro?" They responded with; "A small vicious animal that eats Mustangs!". Since then those two cars have been in competition with each other year after year to see which could one up the other with power and performance. My first new car was a 1986 Mustang GT 5.0 which I loved with it's raw power. Later in life I had a 4th generation Camaro with a small block V-8 and it too was on of my favorite cars so it is sometimes hard for me to choose sides, I love them both. This 2013 ZL1 is the baddest of the bad ass Camaros! It comes with 580 horses from the factory but thanks to Supercharger and other upgrades by Lingenfelter this Camaro you see here is spitting out over 700 horsepower and will have no problem dealing with anything on the road. If you like the Chevy Camaro then you will love the ZL1, check out the pictures and video we shot of this black beauty by clicking on the gallery entrance below.

Camaro ZL1 Gallery Entrance
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