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Chrysler 300 Page

When I first saw the Chrysler 300 I wasn't that impressed with it.  I remember it coming out in 2004 and it wasn't until 2006 that I started to like it, especially when I seen some tricked out versions in Las Vegas and Los Angeles cruising around, then I fell in love with them.  Whenever I travel that is my preferred rental car of choice, the ride is smooth, it has all the luxury items you would expect from a cruising sedan, and if you can get in one with a HEMI engine or the SRT-8 package then buckle up quickly because those bad boys will light up a freeway entrance ramp!  The Chrysler 300 was designed by Ralph Gilles, a Haitian American from NYC who got into cars when he was six years old.  That is about the time I fell in love with the Corvette and photography, maybe I should've kept drawing instead of taking pictures!  The shot you see here is a rare one of the Nsane C.E.O. in front of the camera.  I was in Columbus for a shoot with the rented 300C and stopped by my friend's place to help him test out his new lighting equipment.  This is one of the few shots of me that I actually like so I kept it.  To see more Chrysler 300 pics with a Model who looks much better than me be sure to click the link bar above or the one below.

                                                                        Chrysler 300 Gallery Entrance

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