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Corvette Car Show

Corvette Gallery
That beautiful work of art you see above is the Corvette ZR1, the fastest, baddest and most powerful Corvette ever produced by Chevy, actually this is the fastest car General Motors ever mass produced. If anyone ever wonders what to get me for Christmas, a Corvette ZR1 will be a good choice, any color will do. I spotted this ZR1 one at a local car show in Columbus Ohio that featured mainly Corvettes so members of the Capital City Corvette Club were out there in full force. I do have a Corvette page on this site so make sure you check out the shots we have posted over there. Click the gallery entrance link to the left or above to see all the Vettes that were in attendance and also some other classic cars and trucks that made an appearance, and remember what I said about that Christmas gift!
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