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OK I don't care what anyone says, I know there are faster cars with more power and can turn out a quicker quarter mile but the Chevy Corvette is simply the baddest car on the road today.  This Amercan Icon has been around since 1953 and is currently in it's sixth generation with the C-7 series.  My first memory of the Corvette was sitting in a 1969 Stingray that was on the showroom floor at a Chevy dealership in Cincinnati Ohio when I was I was five years old.  I've been in love with Vettes since then and although I have been fans of the European Super Cars, I've always come back to the Corvette as my favorite car of all time.  I am partial to the 1963 split window Sting Ray (spelled differently from the  69-76 Stingray's) since that was the year I was born and I do love the C-5 convertibles and the C-6 ZR1, the most powerful Corvette to be produced to date.  No matter what the year, a Vette is a Vette and everyone knows that it is the Cadillac of Sports Cars!  I hope to shoot more Corvettes in the years to come so be sure to check the galleries often as I will update with more pics when I can.  Click the Corvette Gallery link below to gain access.

 Corvette Gallery Entrance

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