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Detroit Auto Show

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The North American International Auto Show aka The Detroit Auto Show was the first large scale show that I attended back in the early 90's and I have been to this show at least a dozen times since.  It is held each January when the weather absolutely sucks in Detroit, but that doesn't stop the fellas and I from venturing up there to check it out.  I do remember one year when we were driving up there from Ohio that it was so cold outside we had to scrape the interior windows because the defrost on the brand new Caddy we had rented couldn't keep up with the arctic like windchill as sped across the barren freeway (most people who had better sense stayed indoors that weekend).  The Detroit show is the first of the major American shows to present car models for the upcoming year.  You will also see a lot of prototypes at this show, I remember seeing the reborn Camaro and Ford GT at this show.  All manufacturers foreign and domestic are usually present at this show and although the Car Show Babe factor has declined considerably you can still find some pretty hot displays of the new cars and trucks that are on display.  Be sure to click the auto show gallery links to the left to gain entrance to the pics and of course those will be updated as we attend more shows in Detroit.  If you want to attend a major American Auto Show I highly recommend the Detroit Show since you will be able to see there everything that the follow up shows around the country will also be presenting.

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