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Dub Show Vegas

Welcome to the Dub Show Page.  For those who don't know, the Dub Car Show is one of the hottest touring car shows in this country. The shots you see here are from the 2011 Dub Car Show which was held in Las Vegas along with the SEMA Show at their huge convention center. Although the setting was massive they still had that lot jammed packed with cars, trucks, and bikes of all types both foreign and domestic. These cars weren't just the regular stock models either, most were customized or modified in some form and many had the latest after market upgrades and rims added to them. You will see so many Ferrari's and Lamborghini's on display you will think you're in Italy.  Japan also represented with a good number of GT-R's and Z-Cars making appearances.  Of course where there are hot cars there has to be hot girls close by and the Dub Show did not disappoint. In the Dub Show galleries you will see all kinds of hot cars and all kinds of hot babes. You know the routine, click on the gallery link below to check out all the action and be sure to check out the Dub Show when it comes close to your town!

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