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Fillmore Dairy Drive In

Unless you live in Northern Kentucky you probably never heard of the Fillmore Dairy Hut, but if you have then you know that they host one of the more popular Cruise In's of the area.  It is held on Sundays weather permitting and it is a great gathering place for Gear Heads and Car Junkies to swap stories and parts while dining on some tasty ice cream.  Most of the cars there are Muscle Cars from the 60's and 70's but you can find other fine artifacts of automotive history like a Studebaker or vintage pick up trucks.  If you find yourself in the area on a Sunday then check out all the cars and trucks on display at Fillmore's, if not then check out my gallery by clicking the link below. Once there you can click the gallery itself to enlarge the pics to optimize your viewing pleasure at no extra cost!

                                                                     Fillmore Gallery Entrance                                                                 

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