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Good Guys Car Show

Welcome to the Good Guys Car Show page, if you are a fan of custom Hot Rods and Classic Cars then this car show is one that you don't want to miss. The Good Guys Show is a touring show so you can catch it in several cities around the country so when they made a stop in Columbus can then labeled that show as "The Big One" I made sure I was there to check it out. They were not lying when the said there would be over 6000 cars in attendance. It was at least that, so much so that I almost overdosed on all of the classic cars and hot rods that were there on display. Good Guys took up the entire fairgrounds and I spent all day running around taking pictures and I still missed out on some of the vehicles on display. Besides the SEMA Show, Good Guys has the largest car show I've seen so make sure you have the better part of the weekend available if you want to see it all. Be sure to check out some of the pictures I took there by clicking on the gallery entrances either above or below and if you want to see more hot cars than your senses can handle go check out The Good Guys Car Show when the come to a town near you!

Good Guys Gallery

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