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Hilliard Hooters Show

While in C-Bus for a photo shoot I stopped by the Hooters of Hilliard, which just happens to be the last remaining Hooters in Columbus! This was a smaller car show but there was still a lot of nice cars there such as the cool Corvette Stingray you see pictured above. It was only my second time at this Hooters location so of course I wanted to get some pictures of the talent working there. Be sure to check out the Nsane Hooters site at to see the pictures we took there. Hopefully this Hooters will be able to remain open or Columbus Ohio will be out of luck when it comes to Hooter Girls and Hooters Car Shows. Check out the Hilliard Hooters Car Show Gallery by clicking on the entrance link below.


When you go to the Gallery page you will also see a video that I threw on there that has absolutely nothing to do this with this car show, but since it features a hot babe getting undressed I thought it was appropriate for this site since we like to showcase hot cars and hotter girls, so enjoy and you can thank me by sending out my website URL to everyone you know and tell them to do the same.
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