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Hot Import Nights

If you've ever wanted to check out a car show that has a night club feel to it then you want to hit up The Hot Import Nights Show.  This is a touring show that travels the country and comes complete with its own set of traveling Models who really  get the party started.  Google Hot Import Nights or HIN to get their schedule and their site will let you know what Models they plan to bring to what city and also featured entertainment such has Hip Hop D.J.'s or musical guests. Some of the Hot Import Shows are held outdoors so they can incorporate a drifting display.  Second only to the SEMA show when it comes to hot Car Show Models and hot cars, do make sure you have plenty of space on your disk for a lot of pictures.  Some of the HIN Models are professional Booty Shake Dancers so be prepared for a heck of a show, but don't take my word for it,  just click on the link below to access the Hot Import Galleries.  These include pics and videos from both the Las Vegas and Columbus Ohio shows we've attended.

Hot Import Galleries

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