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Local Car Shows

Not all of the car shows we attend are of national or international appeal.  There were several shows we checked out last summer that were just small local shows that were put on by a group of people who love cars.  Some of these smaller shows are really nice because they aren't too crowded so that means you can get some really nice pictures, and also the cars aren't roped off and surrounded by Security Guards.  We will use this area to showcase some of those small shows you may never heard of or would miss if you weren't a the right place at the right time, like some of the shows presented by the local Hooters or Ice Cream Parlour.  You won't see many Car Show Models or glitzy corporate displays at these small shows, but you will see some fine tuned and hand polished cars that have been restored to perfection sometimes by the original owners.  Check out some of these shows by clicking the links to the left or hitting up the link bar above.

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