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Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper is one of those cars that definitely makes you turns your head when you see if for the first time. Manufactured by British Motor Corporation, the Mini began life in 1959 as a result of a fuel crisis in Great Britain, fuel was being rationed and large cars were not selling well.  Slow selling when the first Mini's rolled off the production line, these small front wheel drive, four cylinder, transversely mounted engined econo boxes took off in popularity and sales in the mid to late sixties and never looked back. Several variations of the Mini were made to include a Mini Pick Up Truck and Mini Vans. Mini's became were also great sellers in other countries outside the U.K. and became a star in the 1969 movie, The Italian Job, which featured Mini's in a fabulous chase scene. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and so did the Mini Cooper's production in 2000.  The Company was bought by BMW and brought back to life shortly afterwards with a new and improved model.  The new Mini's were a hit from the start and can be found in turbo and supercharged versions as well as convertibles and even four door Mini's.  In this shoot we used a 2010 Mini Cooper that was less than a month old when we introduced it to Nsane Models and cameras.  We have more plans for this Mini so come back later as we add to this section. Click the link below to access the Mini Cooper Gallery. 

Mini Cooper Gallery

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