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Introduced in 1964 as a 1965 model the Ford Mustang made it's debut at the New York World's Fair. It was Ford's most successful launch since the Model A some years before.  The name Mustang is rumored to have come from the Designer's love of the P-51 Mustang, others say it came from another exec's love of Mustang horses.  Regardless of where the name came from, the Mustang was the creator of the Pony Car series of cars and motivated other manufacturers to come up with competing models like the Camaro and the Barracuda.  I myself was the proud owner of a 86 Mustang G.T. 5.0 and that car helped changed my life as I was ending one phase and starting another (not the time and place for that story) and when I wasn't beating up on all competing Models of the day, I was running from the Police who didn't appreciate the power of that car.  I got my first speeding ticket thanks to my Mustang but I wasn't mad, I also got into many other things thanks to that car.  The Mustang shown up top is a 1998 Cobra model that is in pristine condition thanks to owner John McMullin who also owns the Supra we shot at the Garage Glam photo shoot. The second Mustang shown to the left is a 2009 model owned by Mr. Corey Emerson who was gracious enough to let me shoot it at the Nsane Garage Glam 3 photo shoot.  Be sure to click the Mustang gallery entrance below to see all the Mustang pics and videos.

The Mustang Gallery Entrance

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