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Mustang vs Camaro

If you're a fan of Ford Mustangs and or Chevy Camaro's  then go no farther. This is the Mustang versus Camaro page and here you will find some cool shots of those so called Pony Cars in various configurations from a base model Camaro, a Camaro SS, Roush tuned Mustang GT's to the bad ass Shelby Mustang Super Snake. I've owned both Mustang and Camaro's and it is hard to say which one I like the best, both have their pro's and con's but I am partial to the Mustang since my first new car purchase was a 86 Mustang G.T. 5.0! I got my first couple speeding tickets in that car along with my first appearance in court. After I totaled the Mustang I found myself owning a 93 Camaro RS, it wasn't nearly as fast as the Mustang but was one of the more stylish cars I had owned. Of course neither one was fun to drive in the Midwestern winters of Ohio so after my time with the Chevy I went and jumped on the SUV craze which was big in the 90's and bought a Jeep. These days Ford and Chevy have gone completely off the chain in developing these two cars, putting out twice the horsepower they had back when I owned them. The Shelby Super Snake I have featured is spitting out nearly 900 horses and will smoke almost anything around, check out the galleries by clicking on the gallery entry link below.

Mustang vs Camaro Gallery entrance

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