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PT Cruiser

I know what you're thinking, PT Cruiser? A hot car?  It may not  be the hottest car on the block but it is different and unmistakable with it's retro styling from most other cars you see cruising the streets and besides, we had one available at the Garage Glam Shoot so here it is.  Initially designated to be a Plymouth but was brought out in 2000 as a Chrysler since the Plymouth brand was being discontinued. As they went into initial production demand for the P.T.'s were high and many dealerships had waiting lists for this popular little five door compact. The P.T. (standing for Personal Transport) was manufactured in Mexico where they cranked out over a million units in it's short tenure.  The convertible Cruiser was introduced in 2005 and several other special editions were brought out in the following years. Chrysler even put out a turbocharged version of the P.T. in 2007 but sadly in July 2010 the last P.T. Cruiser rolled off the line for the U.S. markets.  I've already seen tricked out Cruisers at auto shows so I'm sure we will be seeing these little retro compacts on the streets for some time to come.  Be sure to click the links above or below to enter the P.T. Cruiser Galleries, once there click on the gallery itself to enlarge.

P.T. Cruiser Gallery Entrance

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