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Sexy Car Wash

Welcome to the Nsane Quality Tires Sexy Car Wash page on the Hot Cars and Hot Girls website. Here you will see some super sexy pictures and videos from one of our sexier photo shoots that took place at the Quality Tires Colrain location in Cincinnati Ohio. We had two of our sexy Nsane Babes on hand for this shoot, Ms. Kay C. Dior and Ms. Rebecca Taylor Flint two veteran Models who have bodies built for bikinis. They took turns posing with a 2012 Chevy Camaro SS and a 2011 Dodge Challenger RT. and of course they were dressed only in sexy swimwear, an Nsane trademark. Of course we had them team up and pose together so if you're a fan of shapely wet ladies and hot high performance cars then you will love this section. The video for this was shot in High Definition and or course the still shots were taken with our Nikon digital system. This photo shoot was so smoking hot the premises you see in the background for these shots actually caught fire and almost burned to the ground the day after we finished shooting. Of course we can't credit for that due to insurance issues but you get what I'm trying to say here. Click on the gallery entrance link below so you can access the Sexy Car Wash galleries and check out all of the pics and videos we have for you. If you like our videos be sure to check out our You Tube page at; to see all of the videos we shoot for our Nsane projects and travels.

Sexy Car Wash Gallery Entrance
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