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Smart Car

In the late 1980's the same people who developed the stylish Swatch brand of watches decided to design and market a stylish little city car that would be a two seater and have a hybrid drive system. They first teamed up with Volkswagen with this project but later signed with Mercedes Benz. The name was changed from The Swatchmobile to Smart and the first cars rolled off the line in late 1998.  Smart Cars were initially only available Europe but later expanded to the United Kingdom and Asia. Ten years after the first Smart Cars rolled off the production lines they finally found their way to the U.S. and were a big hit in most markets, some having six month waiting lists. Since then Smart Cars have made their way to Mexico and South America and there are even plans to produce an electric Smart Car. The Smart Car you see in these shots, is a 2008 model and belongs to Nsane Video Technician Jeff Armstrong, the Models are the sexy ladies of Fa'Tale who you will definitely see more of on this site

Smart Car Gallery

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