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Suzuki Page

This is the Suzuki page for The Hot Cars and Hot Girls website. The shots taken here were from the Garage Glam 3 photo shoot and we called this section of the shoot, The Sexy Suzuki Shoot. The bike is a burnt orange Suzuki SV650 that belonged to a friend of one of the car owners and we decided to throw a few Nsane Babes on top of it for a few pictures. There isn't too many things more appealing than a sexy girl on a hot super bike so if you like that sort of thing we will try to make you happy with some nice shots of crotch rockets and hot lookers. Be sure to access the gallery by clicking the gallery entrance below and once at the gallery click on it to enlarge the pictures for better viewing pleasure. This is our first motorcycle gallery but I'm sure we will get more in the near future.

Sexy Suzuki Gallery

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