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Welcome to the T-Rex page. If you're into three wheeled motorcycles then this is the one you will want to check out, and not because we have our hot Nsane Model sitting in it. The T-Rex is manufactured by Campagna Motors a Montreal Canada based company that started producing these three wheel rocket bikes in 1995. They currently produce two models, The Campagna T-Rex which you see pictured above, and the Campagna V13R. The T-Rex has a Kawasaki 1400cc inline 4 cylinder engine that kicks out 197 horsepower! Mate that kind of power with a bike that weighs 1040 pounds and you will get a near lethal combination of pick up and top speed. I wouldn't suggest this bike for the beginner, the ease of operation may fool you into an early death.  T-Rexes are some bad ass bikes and need to be taken as serious as any other Super bike. From the factory they are capable of doing 145 mph but the one you see here has been tricked out so it will top out at around 200 mph.  All of this won't come cheap, the T-Rex starts out at around $65,000 and can get up to the price of a nice top of the line 5 series BMW. Click on the gallery entrance link below to see a few more images of the T-Rex and also we shot a Can Am Spyder which we talk a little about in the column to the right of this one, check it out also, you won't be disappointed.

T-Rex Gallery Entrance
If you want a three wheeler motorcycle that won't break your wallet or put you into cardiac arrest when you give it full throttle you may want to check out the Can Am Spyder. This is another Canadian based company and it puts the Spyder out in three Models, the Spyder RT, Spyder ST and the Spyder RS. The Spyders start out around $17,000 (The RS Model) and put out 100 horses so those who aren't experts may be more comfortable on this three wheeler than the T-Rex. You can even order a trailer to go with these bikes that matches it's style perfectly. These bikes are more for cruising like the Honda Gold Wings where as the T-Rex is more for street racing and looking good like the Ninja or Hayabusa. You may not get up to 200 mph on the Spyder but I'm sure cruising one of these is plenty of fun especially if you have an Nsane Model on it with you. Click on the gallery entrance link below to check out the pics we took on the Spyder. As we expand our bike section here, be sure and let us know what you would like to see, this is a car site but who doesn't like Babes and Bikes!

Can Am Spyder Gallery

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