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Tilted Kilt

Welcome to the page dedicated to the fine young women who work at The Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery. I saw my first Tilted Kilt while in Vegas a few years ago but didn't even venture inside, that was a big mistake. I checked out the Columbus Ohio location when it opened up for business and was blown away completely.  All of you who know me personally will swear on a bible that I could hardly drive past a Hooters without wanting to go inside, well there may be a new Sheriff in town!  The Tilted Kilt in Columbus is situated right next door to the aforementioned restaurant and both times that I went to the Kilt, I never went anywhere else!  The girls are super friendly, really hot, and really make you feel welcome, and the food there is top notch!  They have a full bar that serves all kinds of drinks and every type of beer you could want. The Hooters next door to the Columbus Kilt has since closed down from when I started this page and so have the other three locations around Columbus! That has to tell you something about this place. I have also been to the Indianapolis location a couple times now, to include St Paddy's Day weekend (2013) the bottom picture on the right was taken there. I'm looking forward to checking out more Tilted Kilt locations and as I visit them I will of course add the pictures here. There are several in Phoenix and since I plan to do some shooting there soon I will be sure to check out every one of them! So don't take my word for it click on the gallery tab below (or above) and check out the pics of the Tilted Kilt babes in there, and by all means when you get a chance go there for yourself and have a meal at your local Tilted Kilt.

Tilted Kilt Gallery entrance

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