Hot Cars and Hot Girls!!!
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Tilted Kilt Gallery

Below are the Tilted Kilt galleries, If you like Hot Girls along with your Hot Food then be sure to check out the Tilted Kilt. You can click on each individual gallery to enlarge it and you can also set the slideshow speed with the controls that will appear at the bottom.
The gallery immediately below this has pictures from one of the newest Tilted Kilt's in the chain, the Florence KY. location. The Nsane cameras were there on opening day Dec. 6th 2014 and I decided to create this exclusive gallery for them since I will be a regular customer of that location soon...Click on the gallery to enlarge it for a better viewing pleasure.
These four Galleries are pictures taken at the Tilted Kilt Columbus Ohio location. I cannot say enough about this place, the food is great, the Kilt Girls are hot and a good time is always waiting for you at that place. The bottom galleries are shots that were taken at their first and second St Patrick's Day celebrations held in March 2011, 2012, and 2013. The videos below were lifted from You Tube so I can't take credit for those but the footage is amazing so check them out also.  Be sure to click on each gallery to enlarge it and you can control the slide show or let it do it's own thing. I tried to make sure I got a shot of all the girls that were there but I'm sure I missed a few, that's ok, as Arnold says...I'll be back!
The Gallery below are pictures taken at the Tilted Kilt Indianapolis location. I went there the first time while I was in town on business, saw what a great place it was and made it a point to go back there for St Patrick's Day weekend 2013. It's located downtown Indianapolis on Meridian St. near all of the clubs, pubs, and restaurants down there near the Field House the Pacers play their home games at. Trust me this gallery will get larger in the months to come as I go back there for some photo shoots.
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