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Tokyo Auto Salon

Welcome to the 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon page here on the Hot Cars website. This was one show I had been wanting to attend for years but never thought I would be able to until I started working in this internet industry. It took a couple tries but I finally made it to the 2017 show which I made a part of my Nsane Southeast Asian Tour 3 (Taiwan and Thailand), check out the You Tube videos on our channel
Nsane Productions ) over on You Tube. The Tokyo Auto 
Salon was one of the largest shows I have ever attended, I think the SEMA Show in Vegas was the only one that was larger. It was loaded with cool cars of all types and of course there were Show Girls and Models everywhere you looked. The Paparazzi was in full effect but lucky I was able to get a Special Pass to get me in front of the general public and all of those pesky guys with cameras. This show is definitely
thing you want to spend the better part of two days if you want to see it all and not feel rushed. I made sure to get plenty of pictures (238) to post here for all of you and of course I shot plenty of video also so be sure to check out all the galleries and let me know what you think via our contact page. If you are ever in Tokyo in mid January be sure to go and check out the Tokyo Auto Salon, Car Geeks will definitely lose control at this international display of fine automobiles.

Tokyo Auto Salon

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