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Toyota Supra

The blonde is an Nsane Model, the red head is a 94 Toyota Supra.  The Supra's life began life back in 1979 as the Toyota Celica Supra.  The plan back then was to have this car compete with the Datsun and later Nissan Z cars.  In 1986 the Supra became it's own model and was no longer based on the Celica.  The inline 6 was producing 200 hp and a year later a turbo charged version was available.  By the time 1994 rolled around the Supra was a serious high performance car that was totally redesigned in all areas and it's twin turbo engine was putting out 320 horses giving it a top speed of over 177 mph.  All of this performance put the Supra in the league Corvettes and Porsches.  I had contemplated buying a Supra when I got home from Army service in the mid 80's but went with the Buick Grand National instead.  The 94 Supra shot for this spread was maticulous in every aspect and as you can see in the pictures we took, looks good sitting next to these hot Nsane Models. Hit the link above or below to check out the gallery of pics.

Supra Gallery Entrance

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